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Our Mission

Fight Satanic symbols with God's symbols and reminders.

Our Vision

To share the Gospel without having to say anything.

Who Am I

I am a born-again Christian trying to combat Satan's symbols all over the world with symbols and reminders of Christ. I have a Godly passion for sharing the Gospel. I have experienced sometimes the best thing you can do, is share the gospel silently. Having a verse on your jewelry may encourage someone to ask you what it means. Maybe they will see it and look it up and a seed will be planted! My jewelry is designed to catch the attention of believers and non-believers alike, to share the gospel through verses and symbols, and to give Christians everywhere a spot to find jewelry designed with Jesus in mind.

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The Owner

Melissa McAtee

Meet the Designer! Melissa McAtee. I am 29 years old and have been creating wearable art for several years!

More about Melissa..

I was born again on January 19, 2019, at 6:44 pm. After months of researching to disprove Christianity and any God at all… I could no longer deny what my research had proven. God was real, I was a sinner and Yeshua was my Savior. I was getting ready to kill myself when I cried out to God a cry of faith and repentance. I felt the Holy Spirit fill me. I was in extreme bliss and love. So, since that day I’ve made it my mission to share the Gospel and to plant seeds in the hearts of non-believers. Some back story is I’ve always been artistic but wasn’t into making things for others outside my family until I bought my first home at 22. I was struggling to pay my bills, so I started sanding and staining tables and selling them. But I got tired of waiting for polyurethane to dry and the chemical smells. So, I transitioned to engraving drinking glasses by hand. I would do engravings for weddings or for people who had lost their pets. After a year or two through the nerve damage in my hand was painful. So, I moved on to making t-shirts! While I enjoy it, I got tired of it. So, I went back to my old passion for jewelry and other forms of art. I got so many compliments and interest in my work I decided to do a craft show. Only no one showed up to it. I was devastated and put the dreams of starting a small business on the back burner and called it quits for about 7 months because I was just too tired from trying to start a small business and working 12-hour shifts for Pfizer as a quality auditor. But after I found corruption deep within the Pfizer database, I knew I had no choice but to come forward and expose the corruption. After losing my job for revealing the truth, I decided it was time to invest in my passion and start my business full time. So now I have been blessed to work for the Kingdom of God and put all my effort into planting seeds through my designs!

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